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Buyer's Guide

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Buying Process

Are you dreaming of buying a perfect new home? Let our experts at Struktur Condos help you through this important process. From your first visit to our sales office to the moment you receive the key to your dream home, we will make sure to be there with you every step of the way, in order to make the experience as seamless as possible. Our priorities lie within our customers’ satisfaction.

Your Dream Home


The journey of homeownership begins with a little self-discovery. Start by exploring the neighborhoods you would like to settle in, the size and characteristics of your dream home (number of rooms/bathrooms), the budget you wish to allocate towards it, as well as the various Struktur projects, both completed and in progress, which can be found on our website.

The Visit


Once a condo catches your attention, book a visit at the sales office. One of our many trusted representatives will present the intricate details of the project to you, and will serve as your advisor throughout the buying process. Just like a first date, don’t be afraid to ask questions concerning the floor plans, the neighborhood, the project developer, the design options, and any other construction details.

Reserving Your Future Home


Once you have found the condo unit that perfectly matches your vision, let your agent know of the good news. They will help you sign the preliminary contract to reserve the condo, and guide you through the financing process, by helping you to secure your mortgage and meet with a notary.

Financing Process


After signing the preliminary contract, your representative will help direct you to a financial institution to secure your mortgage, prepare you for the deposit transaction (protected by the GCR), and help you set an appointment at the notary’s to sign the deed of sale.

Your Personal Touch


One of the advantages to buying a brand new condo is that you have the option to meet with our designers and choose the finishing touches on your new home. As the financing process nears completion, you will be guided through the personalization of your condo. Choose the flooring, the countertop ceramic tiles, the cabinets, and review the layout, in order to make the condo your own. At Struktur, we pride ourselves in our flexibility to help make your dream home a reality.

Finalizing the Sale


As the date of delivery for your new home approaches, you will get a reminder from our representative informing you of the next steps to follow. You will be informed of any adjustments, go through a final inspection of the property to see if everything was done according to plan, and meet with your notary to sign the deed of sale. Once these final steps are completed, you will receive your co-ownership document and the keys to your dream home.

Moving in + Warranty


All that is left for you is to move in according to the scheduled date, and enjoy the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Don’t forget that Struktur personally offers a 2 year Builder’s Warranty plan on top of the 5 year Guarantee Plan for New Residential Buildings. Our mission is to offer you superior customer service and peace of mind both during the purchasing process and after you have taken possession of your condo.

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