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For Struktur, the creation of urban living spaces marries elegance with quality and comfort.  Our goal is to offer superior urban living spaces for long-lasting quality of life. This long-term vision is at the heart of our commitment to quality and fuels the development of all our projects. Our commitment to quality carries through from land acquisition to the delivery of your units. For us, living in Montreal is first and foremost, neighborhood life. This philosophy brings us to choose construction sites that are effervescent, welcoming and adapted to your lifestyle.

At Struktur, we pride ourselves in involving our clients throughout the conception of their living space. We truly believe in the conjugation of construction with creation.  That is why we invite you to participate actively in the construction of your unit, in order to obtain a dwelling that reflects you and your unique urban lifestyle. With Struktur, the turnkey concept takes full meaning since we include components that are most often considered as “add-ons” with most of our competitors.

The pride of our team is the quality of our customer service, which is the cornerstone of our business strategy. The Struktur team offers full customer support throughout the purchasing process and accompanies clients during each and every step of their journey.  We believe that behind every transaction, there is a relationship; for this reason, we insist on offering an unparalleled level of customer service.

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John M. Faratro


As president of Struktur Real Estate Development, my primary goal is to create living spaces that are meant to last. The quality and aesthetics of components are selected according to the newest trends in design in all of our developments. Moreover, it is crucial that our buyers develop a relationship of confidence with our team, since the satisfaction of our clients is my top priority. Involved in real estate since 1986 and having participated in major commercial transactions in Montreal, I have been focused on developing new residential condos for the last six years. We offer living spaces that are both good investments and pleasant to live in for many years.


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